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SKOOB on Somebody (you hotdog you)

^-^ Welcome ~!!!!!!! glittercrush Thank you~! You have made such a lovely addition to our citizenry her.. Unlike me who just was born here by default ^.~

Rakshi - my best thoughts are with your friend - and prays good things for her~ ahh please everyone out there, think a nice and kind thought for a breast cancer "SURVIVOR!"

Dearest hkoneko ^0^ Got your package today!!!
thank~ will send it away as soon as possible...

I'm sure there are more folk out there who deserve a mention or a hug - but I've been like such a worthless slug of a being the past few days.. I kind of feel run over by a truck.. more like that evil hormonal rollercoaster thing.. but I've just felt so shattered. Monday, I couldn't get out of bed, and just wanted to sleep.
Today I managed to stay awake somewhat - but I still feel really brain stupid.. Of course, they are doing this evil construction work with god knows what asbestos tiling (ok maybe not )... O.o~ Yes I love a jackhammer during work, don't you? (ahaha I will blame my stupidity on this particulates of pollutants, and not my own.. dullness )

LJ Edit- ahh I just want to make this note to myself.. trekking off to work today - awfully rainy foggy weather... took me twice as long so I listened to Hyde's Horizon cd about.. ?? 4 times? (^-^ woohoo Diluendo... LSD is well ... charming me now ! ufufuf) anyhoo I knew that Horizon always will have this emotional tie because of my friends Kevin & Cindy - and I almost started weeping listening to Horizon on the way in this morning)

Oh my goodness - listening to Horizon again on the way home from work.. I looked to TO SEE A RAINBOW IN THE SKY!!!!!

ok.. .scampers off..
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