nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Monday is almost here! O.o

The weekend sure seemed to fly by fast. I certainly had a nice surprise - Val's Mom sent me Duel Jewel CD "Noah" - I rec'd it on Saturday. The wrapping paper was so beautiful! The CD includes some slower tunes this time, and Hayato sounds really nice in ballad mode . ^_^ Blows a kiss to Val's Mom in Japan!

And since Duel Jewel seemed to enjoy my Dad's painting - I thought, Oh! Why not send one to Haido-san. ^.~ My Dad was going to paint one - and he asked me , well what type of things does he like? I'm thinking skulls, bats, etc.. so I show my parents a photo from R&R newsmaker where they have Hyde looking all stupid like a vampire - but there is a skull and Bat etc in the background.
My mother asks "Is that the band (Duel Jewel) you saw in Texas?" ..and then she said "Oh - he really looks like a woman" (that's funny, Helayne thinks to herself.. in the Haido scale of girliness - he looks fairly masculine there! haha)
While looking thru my Dad's collection, however, I found one that made me think of Cape of storms right away.. A ship with the grim reaper on the ocean ~ with a crying face at the bow of the ship.. Well my Dad's paintings are hard to describe. Now, I just hope Hydeist will let me send it.

Tomorrow I start ESL volunteering again - I hope I can remember the names easier this time.

Priss ~ ^_^ Glad today is a good day for you, sounds like a needed improvement from the =^..^= from hell!

Katie - I hope things work out for the best for you. I think that when friendships hit a rough patch, it sometimes it feels like a strong punch in the stomach.

Auwon - Still thinking of you & your family.. You'd love Strawberry shortcake, .. you should rent it.
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