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Man I just could not wake up today.. I was at my desk - day 2 of this crappy task of helping a coworker (crappy because I had to count out these brochures in pile, and they must have used ink /paper from ... love canal ? ackkk I had a hard time breathing) ..
Can you imagine, I left at 2:30 To go to the dentist, and I felt so tired at my desk sorting papers that I was HAPPY TO GO TO THE DENTIST
*Hugs hugs hugs to DH & BFish!* (my patron saints of Dentists & their essential assistants*

Oh well- .. -

I woke up listening to the local radio news report.. and I think I heard a comment out of the mouth of Ted Nugent which should reign in the 'assanine comments of redneck moron musician rumblings' hall of fame. Sure - many of you know me as the hopeless vegan hippy.. but Michigan is a big hunting state, so I know a lot of hunters.. by and large they are not evil ~ * laugh *

HB 5029 was passed and now allows Michigan hunters to hunt mourning doves..
So I hear Ted Nugent yapping in excitement "I'm like Rosa Parks with a hunting rifle!"

What a freakin moron - and I hope Rosa Parks whaps him across the head if she ever sees him for making such a ridiculous comparison.. Ted Nugent - ... annoying idiot who has won the right to leisurely hunt mourning doves.. Rosa Parks... who on a tired day during a bus ride home, decided to take a stand that helped put the entire civil right movement in high gear. Pardon my crudeness...but Rosa baby- you got more balls then Ted Nugent ever will...

>.< and just to not think of Ted Nugent any longer: (^0^ my b'ark en ciel desu! pic my Dad gave me for my birthday)
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