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Dreams of the Rarebit fiend? [May. 22nd, 2012|09:12 am]
I've been having crazy dreams the past few days - could it be Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend?

I recall my in-laws had an old book called the Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend - illustrating odd dreams after people ate Welsh Rarebit. Yesterday, I had a piece of homemade pizza before I went to bed.... could that be it?

I had a dream that Leigh & I were at a dormitory of sorts at Madonna Univ - which looked nothing like their dorms of course. I was there to decide on a thesis project & couldn't decide what to do it on. I went to a computer screen that some kid was at & as soon as I touched it, the whole thing went off line. Every turn had some type of catastrophe that I caused, but nobody knew it was me that had started the chain of events. The last straw was when I threw something outside the window & it caused an explosion in the bldg next door - & I watched as the walls crumbled & the people inside were running for cover..... WTH??

My cousin's daughter is having a Big Fat Greek Wedding this weekend ^-^ After sending in my RSVP, my cousin asked if I did calligraphy - well I'm a hobby calligrapher sorta.. I was happy to offer to do the place setting cards - got a spanking new Rotring Art Pen which I love. After I rec'd the nametags I realized they were on this very rough paper with seeds imbedded in them *so you can plant wildflower seeds afterwards* Well my fancy pen ink didn't not like that paper & the ink bleed like crazy. I tried about 15 other pens & finally found a Japanese Calligraphy marker that didn't bleed too much >.<

I've been doing pretty well - I'm able to chauffeur my in-laws to Dr appts which seems to happen a lot. I still coax them into exercise twice a week - but sometimes I worry about their decline, well my mother in law mostly. She's often not very present in her own life - so when I take her to the Dr. she won't mention any problems, or just "I don't know, I don't remember" then a few days later I'll find out some major problem that was never reported.

I was so happy to turn on J-Melo yesterday & find Dhakshila

Just noticed Muppet watching Larc at :07 min mark


[User Picture]From: robotalarm
2012-05-23 01:32 am (UTC)
Calligraphy is so cool, you should post a picture! I actually didn't know they made paper with built-in seeds. I recycle everything so knowing me, it would just end up at a plant somewhere instead of in the ground and defeat the point. orz

Makes me wonder if Elmo was there on purpose. ¬_¬
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