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Long day...

ahh The thing about my new job is that secretarial work is so much more sporadic.. I spent most of the morning waiting for some information to compile for a workshop.. and then it's like do nothing.. doot doot doot.. then run around and try to get stuff done.. I'm over my pms-ey ness...but I swear one of these days I will lose it with the coworker - but it's a mutual thing. I really don't chat with the 2 secretaries in my area, because of how our desks are setup-- maybe this girl sees me as unfriendly or stuck up, I don't know. Today, I was telling one of the people I work for that the Copier machine was 'freaking out' so I went to our print shop instead- The coworker asks me "when you said 'freaking out'... were you talking about me?" >.< She's still pissed at me because I didn't volunteer to do her job when she was off on vacation - well frankly, I was off sick the day after I got her email asking me and the other secretary to cover for her - and I just never bothered responding.. cuz it slipped my mind .. she went to me the other day and said "hey! I sent you both an email,and neither of you responded.. what's the deal? I mean, it's all about teamwork- you know - I'm always there when .. blahblah' Well that was a big crock of crap, but of course I was totally caught of guard and half assed apologized. >>.<< When I complained to Leigh about it in a very pms moment - of course he brought me back to reality & made me feel stupid - but I'm still stupid and still immature.. rant over..

I had another front page class today - Thanks Katie/DH/WZ (who isn't on lj) for the help. Yeah, it's just practice site, but I am thinking - I might put up some Laruku files for download..that is until they really look at my site and yap about copyright content blahblahblah..
Anyone have any suggestions for stuff they want to see? I have quite a few files..lots of the PV's, lives, etc..

^_^ and woohoo~!!! does the Happy dance for Ri-chan~ a ride home from Vienna Teng! OMG I'm still so excited for you - and I've only listened to "The tower" about 30 times now since yesterday ^-^

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