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Cheaper by the dozen?

>.< ... well I've been surviving a funfilled week of ibs & cramps but ..that's nothing new

The definite highlight of the week - ^_^ a mini family reunion. My Dad, *known affectionately as "uncle joe" * comes from family of 6 brothers / 6 sisters - Irish/Catholic ... dirt poor & grew up in Pittsburgh. It's always a big love fest when they get together..

My "great & groovy" Aunt Pat drove in her VW from PA to stay at my folks - because the oldest sister "Sis" flew in for a visit from California. "Sis" pretty much became Mom to the kids after their Mother died when the youngest was 3. Can you imagine that? Living in a house with 12 kids, an often sweet, yet alcoholic Dad.. ahhh well Love conquers many things I think. My Aunt Pat wrote a book about the family history - we are all so proud of her for that - and my Dad did the illustrations for the book.

Well - *sorry I tend to brag a lot about my Family* 2 of my Uncles were there too - Uncle Eugene who lives closeby ^-^ (He wrote a history of the neighborhoods of Detroit, and his exhibit is on display at the Detroit Historical museum) & my Uncle Rich from Indiana came in for this mini reunion. Uncle Rich.. is a very theatrical guy - a born story teller (as is half of the family it appears) and a naturalist. It is hard not to love him to pieces.. when he was younger, he looked quite like James Dean - and one of my Aunt's was making money by charging her friends a quarter to look at him! lol!!!

My brother Greg is in San Diego - so it was good to get a comforting email from him that they are OK - ^^;; they are concerned about the Mountain touristy town "Julian"'s such a cute place, I've been there.. *snort* Hyde didn't bother to tell me he was in LA ... I would have had my brother run out to the airport and take a photo ^.~ (?? Don't they have decent facilities to master recordings in Japan? oh well)


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