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Animals need help too

Ark Bark rescue

I am so sorry to be late in writing to say THANK YOU for your wonderful donation. This is just to let you know the current situation.

The situation very desperate. I have been in Tokyo, getting our Tokyo office ready for animals and trying to get people we know in those areas to gets facts. I am asking people there to go round the evacuation centres to ask people about animals left in homes. Once we have a picture we can do something. At present impossible for any of us to go into affected areas. Even in Tokyo trains disrupted, supplies of everyday things running out and electricity cuts. Growing fear of radiation doesn't help either.

Meanwhile I am preparing to open an evacuation shelter in Sasayama ( 40 minutes by car from our shelter ARK) and also clearing space at ARK in Osaka.

Now a growing concern, countries recalling their citizens as the crisis grows.

To all foreign residents having to leave Japan and who may have to leave their pets behind;

We will accept at either ARK Tokyo or our Osaka shelter, any animals left behind or at risk from people having to leave Japan, at no cost and for as long as it takes. But if people are able to bring the animals to us, it would help a lot as we a short of people to transport them. Easiest way to Osaka is by plane from tokyo Haneda. We can meet them at Osaka Itami. Please ask such cases to prepare details of their pet(s) including vaccinations, health issues, or daily habits.

All donations will be used to transport, feed, care for animals and to build emergency facilities for them .

Thank you all for your support.

Elizabeth Oliver ARK Japan

16th March 2011

As fans, as friends we can help with donations even if it seems like a small effort
A grateful shout out to nanani for translating
Jack in the Box donation project & artist info from Maverick>

For latest info on
Great Tohoku Earthquake
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