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Olly Olly Oxen Free ~ anybody still on lj?

I had a tooth extracted yesterday & my Dad's painting came to mind
Silly me, I was feeling a bit sad over the fact that everyone seems to be jumping off lj for twitter & FB - then realized I had not been posting much here (except for shameless opportunities to become a spamulebrity)

* January - disability application approved
* March -officially retired
* June -2 weeks in the hospital w/an NG tube for partial bowel obstruction
* Aug - Sept 5 weeks in the hospital total bowel obstruction - surgery, NG tubes, blood clots & 2 trips to the intensive care unit

I've been feeling pretty good since my surgery in Sept. I've been able to gain some weight, but my Dr. wants me to gain some more. I've been diagnosed with rickets & osteoporosis. The foods that are high in vitamin D are all foods that I don't eat.. egg yolks, sardines,milk & liver >.< thank goodness for Vitamin D supplements

I am anxiously awaiting AT&T to come over & upgrade my slowpokey DSL connection & switch my TV from Comcast to AT&T Uverse. I will be able to watch TV JAPAN Finally!!!




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