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still on the horizon

I am pretty certain that every time I hear Hyde sing Horizon - I will always think of my dear friend Cindy.. ahh that is a good thing, it shall make me mindful..
it's funny how music can do that, take us back to a particular moment, or feeling

ahh I'm trying to not let a coworker drive me too crazy .. instead of being able to rattle off all the reasons why this person annoys me, and justify it - I always have these odd guilty feelings when I dislike people .. ohhh well just never mind me *laugh*

I am realizing there is a lot of things that are annoying in my new work area-... oh the people I work for are wonderful -... but I went from an environment of almost all female support staff (support staff = read... we are like peons - ) to a mostly male, consultant staff (read = they are better paid and way bigger slobs.. ewwwwww yeah like big time slobs)
I am not a neat person by nature, I always have clutter around me, but it's usually not discusting clutter - or at least it is my clutter!

I did find out that a coworker is even an older old fart fan girly then me.. Yay!she runs this nice site ^0^~!
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