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long day............ [Oct. 18th, 2003|12:31 am]

Finally Friday - but why should I be excited? *laugh* not that I ever have plans.. I am thinking.. that I have been very lucky in the new dept. I ended up in... Kyaa! My boss John (he is the dearest) I am sitting in on his frontpage training.. ^-^ YAY omg this means... I can actually learn how to do website stuff and look at webpages LEGIT... on my job! yay

I also found that one fo the people working w/my boss runs some type of LoTR page site
I'll have to get more details...

Oh I ordered these fun things to give away for Halloween - they are these glow necklaces...

I didn't realize Hyde & Megumi had a dog.. how cute! (Can't blame Megumi - she's got to have something that is loyal, faithful and always happy to see you) mwhahaha http://bj2.netsh.com/bbs/96605/messages/6686.html