nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Haido Pappa Megumi Mama~ *chuuuuu~*

Of course, it appeared as the ever surfacing rumor of Hyde & Megumi - but .. *pyon~!*
This seems to be true, and if it's not - it sure is reported as it is fact..

Omedetou Hyde & Megumi~ ... a baby due in December ...Suge!

This makes me really happy - because I've had a rather unhappy news filled week..

My dear friend Cindy is left - to take care of her 5 yr old son without Kevin
Another coworker, Sheri (who omg~! was my total GakuHy ally at work.. really she Loved GakuHy, the only one who understood anything about them.. we will be having a moonchild marathon here soon I know) she had a miscarriage the day after Kevin died.

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