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Today was Kevin's funeral ~ it was an appropriately dreary rainy blah day. My one friend Brad looked up at all the rain and said "ha! this is from Kevin!"

The funeral home wasn't very large - but it was filled to capacity~ a comment on how many people were really touched by his magnanimous personality. His sister Jewell (who also works with me) gave the most poignant tribute. She talked about us rejoicing in the life that Kevin had. She did much better then the minister I though~ but then, she knew him and loved him as a sister.
They played some Eva Cassidy tunes throughout the service ~ and as she died very young too ~ it fit - yet made most everyone teary eyed.

A big fat hug to DH to listening to my rants about Leigh - who didn't really deserve them..but annoyed me with his spiritual radar questions when I mentioned the funeral ... "Oh does Jewell go to church?" (snorts.. ' oh Jewell, sorry your brother DIED btw.. Do you go to church? ) agahhh gomen it's my own little angsty thing.. and *chu* to Leigh.. gomen gomen I should not be yapping

It's funny how when something like a death happens - you see signs of it, images all around. Today on the Sony site was the day they were showing the clip of Hyde's Horizon pv.. Coincidence? ahh I like to think of it as a tribute.. especially as I feel the song conveys the sense of someone expressing their pain & loss for a loved one *did Leigh's eyes glass over when I was making him watch the pv and explaining my theory? .. hmmm*

憧れは遥か 蜃気楼の彼方 (stolen from Liv/Perdita)
必要な物 なんかほかにない


Horizon's light here in my eyes, the sound of silence calls
Here in my heart a distant hope is mine forever more
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