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Yawn~ I should be going to bed- but O.o I'm tired, but not enough to go to sleep. Ah that's the story of my life! lol

*yay*! Duel Jewel has been officially invited back to Texas to Akon14. Throws a big virtual kiss to Sophie

I found a much better Moonchild press conference clip (LOL ..why does that title remind me of the old 5 Stairsteps hit 'ooh child, things are gonna get easier.. ooh child things will get brighter)

I felt a bit sad today when I looked at the Hydeist bbs to see that someone had posted about what a sad day it was - as their friend (who I think was only 23) had just died.. I thought it was her boyfriend, but thanks to Liv-chan ~ I learned it was her friend's boyfriend ..but still sad. (The story goes that Hyde wrote Evergreen because a close friend had died)
Words by: Hyde
Music by: Hyde
I lie awake beside the windowsill
Like a flower in a vase
A moment caught in glass

The rays of sunlight come and beckon me
To a sleepy dreamy haze
A sense of summer days

If only I could stop the flow of time
Turn the clock to yesterday
Erasing all the pain

I've only memories of happiness
Such pleasure we have shared
I'd do it all again

This scenery is evergreen
As buds turn into leaves, the colors live and breathe
This scenery is evergreen
Your tears are falling silently

So full of joy, you are a child of spring
With a beauty that is pure
An innocence endures

You flow right through me like a medicine
Bringing quiet to my soul
Without you I'm not whole

This scenery is evergreen
I need you far too much, I long to feel your touch
This scenery is evergreen
You've always been so dear to me

This scenery is evergreen
It sorrows at the sight of seeing you so sad
This scenery is evergreen
I wish that I could dry your tears

The bells have rung, the time has come
I cannot find the words to say my last goodbye
This scenery is evergreen
You've always been so dear to me
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