nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

still... shinjirarenai..

I went to the Funeral home after work today .. how surreal to see "Kevin Duff Chapel 2" damn it was like a bad dream.

Kevin was a real 'guy's guy'.. I mean everyone knew him at work, because of his job. He worked in the mailroom / building service dept.. so he was always coming by to fix things, pick up mail = read = being essential in everyone's world..

He was a smartass - as the job seemed to require.. but in a fun way. and of course..he had the sense to marry one of the people who I worked with for 20 years and admired...

I still admire Cindy - gahh~ I think it has not hit her yet. Shoot..she is in comforting others! During a quiet second, she turned to me and said "just between you and me.. Fuck I think this sucks"

It does..

Funeral tomorrow -

I know a few of you have had this awful loss.. if you can give me any "I wish people would have done.." or "We hated when people did this" .. scenarios for you... please share

all the hugs to the sky & to Cindy & Josh down with us
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