nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Kevin - our collective heart was broken

It was such a heartheavy day at work yesterday ~ when everyone learned about Kevin's unexpected passing.. but I still can't wrap my head around It was a nice sympathetic touch, my former boss - and some other 'supervisors' made a point to be posted at the entry ways of work yesterday - so they could break the news to people who had not heard it already.. Since Kevin's wife & sister works here.. it really was like a family tragedy. Josh (the 5 year old boy) - was taken to the hospital, and he is fine - except for the obvious fact of being in the car with his Dad, and having a bruised spleen. I learned his wife Cindy got a phone call at work from him.. he was in the car with Josh and told her he wasn't feeling well..then Cindy heard nothing but her son Josh crying and yelling "daddy! daddy!" Cindy tore out of the office as another coworker took the phone - and just heard Josh crying for some 15 minutes.. >.< Kevin was at an intersection at the time and cars were honking.. and he proceeded then swerved and hit a building - he then got out of the car, walked 50 feet and collapsed.

No word yet of funeral arrangements... We are taking a collection at work for Josh. Cindy seems OK, she's pretty strong - stronger then I could imagine... Kevin's sister looked at her and said tearily "how can you tell a 5 year old boy (Josh) that his father is dead?" Cindy patted her on the back assuringly & said "it's OK... he knows"
I love you Cindy...... I love you Josh.......... I love you Jewell
& Kevin~ kick ass in heaven and make smart ass comments with everyone like you did here..ok? We'll miss you like freakin crazy
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