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只今 ただいま

Arrived home from Toronto yesterday afternoon. Uggh.. My stomach started to hurt on Friday when I left (this problem I have off & on - mostly due to scar tissue in my stomach...anyhoo) and it just got worse. So the trip was a bit of bummer, as I was pretty much in extreme pain Saturday thru Sunday.

Oh well, I'm glad I took today off of work - I think that the pain meds I was taking to survive caught up with me. I slept most of the day yesterday, and I slept til 12:00 today and I'm still rally really tired.

I was happy to find some Japanese dramas in Chinatown really cheap.
I got Strawberry on Shortcake and An Unmarried Family. I had watched S.O.S. before and found it quite charming - and my Japanese instructor was quite fascinated by An Unmarried Family when it was playing on TV. YAY! They have Subtitles! OH WAIT..haha they are in Chinese.

Oh~ And I got a handy English-Japanese / Japanese-English dictionary. I was tired of taking several with me - & this is quite thorough for a compact jisho.. Random House. And しんじられない~~~!! I went to the Vegetarian festival "Shiatsu" booth again this year (Wow! That's like the best $5 you can spend.. I love Shiatsu massage - ) and O.o the woman said she remembered me from last year because I could speak Japanese so well. Such a nice lie, but she said it in Japanese and I understood it! kyaa..
sometimes when the stars align, I understand things. ufufufu .. and then I said some silly things to the fellows doing the shiatsu - I told the one fellow who gave me the massage in Japanese that I was in love & could we get married. OF course I was only kidding - and he did laugh pretty hard, so that's good~ haha

*confetti* Leigh brought some paychecks home ~!! wee! ekeke that is always nice.

and time to turn over a new leaf.. as if I don't , the old one will continue to smother me. So hopefully I will be able to be a little healthier in the future.. but, one day at a time & so far so good..but it's early days.
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