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it was a total BLAST

Today at work we had this annual software vendor event~ actually a quite useful thing for educators.. however, for some reason they are prone to always changing the names of Departments, institutions, workshop...etc in educational environs - so NOBODY knows what the F* the new thing is ~ lol!!!!!!!!! I work at a place called Wayne County RESA...
I swear - we changed our name years ago, but still nobody understands it.. I just tell them we are the "Intermediate School District" (the old standard name) gaahhh why do people do this?

Well to add to the tradition of making a committee, to change a name, for something that will just in the end confuse everyone~ The event we had today was changed in title from "Software Affair" to "curricology blast" How hysterical - nobody could even pronounce the new event name .. oh well

HOWDIE HOO!!!!!!!! Does a happy dance that Jack is on lj and added me~ ^_^

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