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hydro electric

A rather sleepy Monday~ really sleepy.. actually Leigh even sleeped in late *such the creature of habit, he 's always in a routine.. so this is odd for him*

really pleasant October day~ hard to get out of bed for Monday morning work..

& Thanks to Hidoko for making my day fun~ ^_^

oh how nice... my one boss told me I had to promise to stay working at my job for the next 15 years ahahh "sure~!" I exclaimed.. if they don't ax me from this job too ^^;;

oh~ hugs to Ger - please feel well soon~

Hugs to Sophie..just because I wanna give you a hug and we haven't chatted in a bit..

and a big heartfelt Hug to Hidoko who posted a link to the Horizon clip...
Damn it Hyde,.. he will be the cause of my death Overdose by Haido no LSD yay!
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