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Ooh Moonchild, things are gonna get easier..things are gonna get brighter

I got my Moonchild dvd set on Saturday morning and went Shopping my neighbor in Windsor for most of the afternoon. I was so incredibly tired (I've just been really tired for the last week or so).

I thought I would wait til Sunday to watch the movie because I was so sleepy - but Leigh came home and seemed interested in watching it. I wasn't sure what to expect. The Prelude video showed fun behind the scenes moments, but not too much actual footage.

Hyde did a lot better then I expected, as the Prelude footage didn't look so promising. Leigh said "I think Hyde is a better actor then Gackt" (an unsolicited comment, and I think Leigh likes Gackt better..) so I was pretty impressed. Gackt seemed to be acting as a caricature of Gackt to a degree - but I saw a little more depth towards the end of the movie. Then again, his character was supposed to be that way..
Perhaps they did as well as they did because they seemed to be surrounded by really talented people. Yamamoto Taro's character Toshi was my favorite..
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Theatre usually requires some willing suspension of disbelief, but Hyde as a menacing monster is a bit of a stretch, however the perennial youthfulness seems more on target.

Leigh finished watching the rest of the film today (he went to bed on Sunday before it was over .) He said he quite liked it, and thought the story seemed very Japanese to him. My only complaints were that the story made huge leaps of time, and characters weren't really strongly developed.

They still could have a sequel - you never know ~ the story doesn't absolutely prevent that from happening

The DVD set included some Premiere showings and press conference clips. Did ANY men see this film in Japan? *laugh* In the 'making' clips, there was always scenes of Gackt coming up to hug people, especially Hyde.. but they were rather slight hugs. Pyon! During one of the extra dvd clips (I think it is during a Premiere, or press conference) ahah! Hyde is in a room (perhaps a waiting room with tables in it) and Gackt is walking in, and Hyde opens his arms wide for a big bear hug & Hyde stares right in the camera and smiles as they hug - too cute.
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