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N.G. tubes..making a good impression [Jun. 6th, 2010|08:30 pm]

Perhaps it's just me, but don't Hyde&Kaz look like candidates for What not to wear ?

I had a CT scan of my abdomen & was told by one of the residents that it was quite impressive Normally, someone with my CT results would have been told to rush to the ER for surgery - & most folks would be huddled in the corner in pain One dr. said my stomach was tremendously distended & ordered an NG tube. Inserting an NG tube is no holiday - so I was grateful that the procedure went quickly.



[User Picture]From: faded_poetry
2010-06-07 07:00 pm (UTC)
*hugs you*
stay strong. i know i keep commenting saying that. but still, stay strong.
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[User Picture]From: tsuki_626
2010-06-08 08:04 am (UTC)
once again i am working your posts backwards. you look about as happy with that as i did a few months back. i hope the causative factor isn't something horrendous. i know you have been through so much and i know that can make one stronger in adversity. i just hate that it happens at all.

H & K...that grey outfit and blond hair both wash hyde's features out and yet make him look very tan suddenly. or maybe i should ask just how much time they spent on that boat? lol as for KAZ, hmm, my daughter thinks he often looks like a middle aged woman. what will she say about that sweater and all now? and the fact that Hyde's sweater print matches KAZ's shirt??? sharing outfits boys? *shakes head*

feel better soon. *big hug!*

i couldn't help giggling when hyde's sleeve covered his hand as he was "playing" the hell outa his guitar.XD fashion fail for sure.
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[User Picture]From: a_deux_vitesses
2010-06-17 03:36 am (UTC)
I didn't know the situation was that bad... I hope everything goes well and that you feel better *hugs*
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