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~ Brief commercial announcement ~ Anyone know of a good site for ballet items on the net which will ship overseas (to Japan)? A friend is asking me for suggestions..~~

I've had this headache since Friday and bahh it won't go away~ >.< I think it is a sinus thing - I've been really dizzy, can't focus.. oh hahaa wait that sounds like me all the time. I am always hearing this constant fuzzy hiss in my ears & I swore I keep hearing people saying things..

Perhaps it is because I haven't been eating much - nor feel like eating - ..but I really started to get anxious, like panic attack anxious. Yesterday was pretty wasted at work - as I could not think for a minute.. and then in the midst of this, I made a realization that made my heart sink.
It has to do with scheduling training classes, and Last week he had me add some dates for Feb & May. Holy moly, I realized the 1st date of training is Oct 8th.. *&)*@#$*&)(*#$&~!! I haven't even gotten the flyers printed, mail or put it on the website - this is supposed to happen 30 days before the workshop. Nobody really told me.. & why in the heck did my boss wait til 9/16 to schedule the dates? I just felt like a turtle
head..because of my poor attention to detail, I'm making other people rush around.

On the up side - another boss gave me "Front page for dummies" - and wants me to learn it.

cdjapan said they sent out Moonchild dvd yesterday~ yay~! Too bad it wasn't here in time for Katie's visit - but then, perhaps - Prelude was more then she could take of Gacchan.. =p

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