nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

the dog mobile ~

This pic needs a good caption...
Leigh & I have 3 cars between us

Car #1 : My 93 volvo ~ aka "Old Red" (moniker courtesy of my Volvo dealer)

Car # 2: Leigh's 93 VW GTI, aka "dogmobile" primary function: schlepping the dogs to Leigh's work & back

Car # 3 Leigh's new 2009 Rabbit

The dogmobile is in the shop for some minor repairs, so I picked up Leigh & Kaz & King. The dogs have totally trashed the inside of his GTI, it's really quite hysterical - the GTI has over 230,000 miles on it.

I must be getting old - I pre ordered the Vamps DVD & completely forgot about it - the post office called to say I had a package from Japan waiting for pick up since 3/15 Good thing I didn't pay extra for Express Mail.

I had to laugh at the DVD footage of NYC... the camera quickly spans the line & stops to focus on the few black people in line.. haha - perhaps it enhances their street cred ^.~

Leigh noticed the difference in Hyde's vocals in Vamps compared to L'arc "Hmmmm, he is usually more charming" Leigh does admire Hyde's vocal talent - which is a good thing since he has been subjected it to it for all this time ^.~
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