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Kay Kay Kay Kaaaaatiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

^-^ Yatta! Another virtual friend I get to add to my met in real life list~... Yesterday I went to pick up demonesque

I had never been to this senior apt complex before - so I really didn't know what to do.. I find out you dial the # next to the name of the person on the list for their phone to ring.. so I do that - no answer ... doot doot one of the residents lets me in. I ask how to get to her apt. and she says "what's her #?" I tell her, and she directs me to the 8th floor. I walk up and about - but I don't see her but HYDE lives there.. haha I was tempted to knock on the door - I think 2 residents w/the last name HYDE were there. So I knock on the "Resident Mgr" room - assuming it is a paid staff person -
O.o! It's this old guy wearing just a night shirt, and he's kinda annoyed at me. He tells me I have to find out what her apt # is .. so I go back down & call again..
^-^ Katie answers the phone this time! We go back to our house & she meets Leigh and gets jumped on by my doggies - then off to the Japanese restaurant.

We first go shop a bit at the Japanese grocery & Book store - then to the restaurant.
^0^ Oishikatta! I had Yasaiitame and Katie had soba w/fried ebi & tamago sushi.. Most of the conversation was devoted to animals..

I must say that I agree with vkacademy "How so many of the young ladies I know feel ugly and awkward and have no confidence in their appeal.
And its probably a good thing. Because if they realized how utterly beautiful and alluring they are to the average man, they would soon rule the world."

Katie is just pretty with a capital P - and hahaha =p nayaya much nicer in real life~ ufuf

I really enjoyed my time with Katie - I hope she had some fun too -- even if I forced her to watch Muncha prelude and Laruku 'shiritori' sequences.. however, as soon as Gackt says "OPEN DA SHOWCASE" - I knew it was going to be a fun view with Katie.

My all region DVD player came today~ !! I think Leigh will try to hook it up this weekend.
On Saturday, I might be going on another "puppy underground rrd" - to Canada on Saturday. She has this beautiful & Huge Harlequin Great Dane named Elly.

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