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When did Hyde have time to train for the Japanese snowboard team? - nepenthes59 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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When did Hyde have time to train for the Japanese snowboard team? [Feb. 20th, 2010|07:30 pm]
[Current Mood |snarky]

Possible Hyde/Megumi sighting at the Vancouver airport? Too bad the local Canadian station isn't showing any Olympic coverage this year-
NBC's Olympic offerings are pretty slim.

I'm surprised at the amount of air time allotted for Tiger Wood's public apology.. when I saw breaking news - special report on the major networks, I assumed it was ... how can I say, real news??

Equally surprising - TMZ actually carried a story that I actually care about.. hehehe Sandra Bullock's Missing doggie Cinnabun is found!

Such a cutie that Cinnabun

[User Picture]From: din_84
2010-02-21 08:17 am (UTC)
To me it looks like they were just going there for the weekend.
Which is easy to do, I went from Vancouver airport to Kyoto for 2 days once just to see L'Arc.... .... at the time I was living in Vancouver... err yeah.

They prolly really have only that one suitcase.
Didn't Tetsuya mention he had relatives in Vancouver... all of L'Arc are doing a WE homeparty there I bet ;3

Also that is totally a Canon that Hyde is carrying over his shoulder and hohey I have the same chucks. Go Hyde!
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[User Picture]From: tsuki_626
2010-02-21 07:59 pm (UTC)
all of that is quite probably true. as a mom, i know i would want a carry-on with all of the emergency gear i might need for a small child for that long of a trip.

i wouldn't be a bit surprised if they all gathered there for a short jaunt.

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