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No calories in Me no ame!

Leigh came home earlier today & replaced my Dead car battery - ^^;; then he discovered my tire had 3 punctures in it. $$ Now he has to buy 4 new tires. Poo~ and it's been a 'dry' season for Leigh paycheck speaking. Being the VP of Elevator Concepts
when money gets tight, he goes check less. It hasn't happened in a while - but O.o I recently had to withdraw a huge Hunk of dough from savings to loan to the company.. Oh well, the elevator industry has its ups & downs *hides* & Poor Leigh, he sounds like he is catching a cold~ !!! O daijini!

I was feeling rather lazy today - so I didn't do a whole heck of a lot. I turned the TV back on.. and it was full of post 9/11 shows - and maybe it's my whirly dirvish hormones - but they kept me on the verge of tears. I saw an Oprah tribute to "Great Dad's" who had all died in the 9/11 tragedy. Some of the women speaking were pregnant when it happened. Crap! How heart renching is that?
Some other show featured people who had children that were abducted - >.<
But just to round out the whole day - Riki Lake had drag queens who had 'makeovers' to go back to their 'boy' image. Some of the guys looked better as drag queens - and unlike Jrockers - they ALL were gay (color me shocked!)
Hmm and I wonder why I stopped watching so much TV lately? ufufufu

I'm excited to go to Toronto tomorrow~ ^_^

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