nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

evil foreign fans...

Usually I get enthusiastic greetings from Japanese fans - when I come upon them.. so .. it's not often that I am used to going to a friends site and seeing a scolding about posting priviledged Japanese fanclub info... To some extent I understand their view.. they pay to see this 'special' fan info (and I do too by the way).. but I really think sharing such information to fans who have no access to it.. really is like promotion for them -- at least I know that because of the sites I encountered with all sorts of video clips and info, etc... it just resulted in me spending money on official goods. I think it is highly unlikely for many Japanese fan sites to open up to overseas fans - as I wonder - how many of us are there?? really??? It seems like an expensive venture ...

on a similar vein - I was watching a local talk show about the file downloading & the lawsuits.. ahh interesting - They had local Detroit artists on , and they pretty much said "well we are getting screwed by the big cartel that is the record industry.. so f*ck em" at least that is what they seemed to say.. Everyone on the panel agreed that the record industry was shooting themself in the foot - and alienating their client base..

Hugs tight to Bluefish.. Hopes the bad weather just passes you over..

^_^ Welcome to LJ MicHELLe!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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