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crosses fingers...

I've been wanting to post pics of my Dad's ...forever but since his recent eye trouble - it made me too sad at the thought.

I talked to my Mom the other day and well things were looking up... please everyone send your good wishes his way .............thanks

^-^ yay! I had a short but loverly chat with Tim today! Such an unexpected pleasure.. I hope things work out with the Muteki cd - because I want to buy one!! ufuf

how cute.. Leigh went to the library and was study books about music. Yay ... I think he will give this choir thing a real shot.. and perhaps it is really in him...

perhaps not all of you know but --- Leigh is my brother in law too
yes yes My brother Doug is married to Leigh's sister.. so we are a brother/sister married to a brother/sister.. ahhaha my Aunt told me if we lived in her native country of Greece - we could not marry unless it was on the same day as my brother got married ( cuz technically we were not yet relatives then)

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