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Year in review [Jan. 7th, 2010|05:11 pm]
[Current Mood |blessed]

         January 2009  -  Tried acupuncture - FAIL   Enrolled in Japanese History class
  • February          -   troubles with weight gain & nausea
  • March                  discovered fructose intolerance - in hospital for IV nutrition
  • April                    walked around the house w/IV pole -   Hit 100 Lb mark
  • May                    Hemoglobin 7.1 -  in hospital    endoscopy & colonoscopy
  • June                   In hospital partial bowel obstruction / return to hospital blood clot
  • July                     Cook 4th July dinner w/folks  Leigh gets new car   back to hospital
  • Aug                     Back to Hospital
  • Sep                     Dad's birthday   Dad's Artistic Gifts Recognized  Vamps @USS Missouri
  • Oct                      27th Wedding Anniv   - Madison Life Ins says I'm eligible for long term disability
  • Nov                      Submit application for Disability Retirement
  • Dec                      cystoscopy at Urologist office checks out OK     Turned 50

I feel really blessed this year ~ My family & my husband have been so supportive & amazing

[User Picture]From: tsuki_626
2010-01-08 08:14 am (UTC)
wow, what an eventful year. and i'm not even being sarcastic! i'm thinking 2010 will look sorta like that for me. 2009 wasn't too bad for hospitalizations for a change. though the er mid-december sucked. XP

glad the cystoscopy was ok, but did they give you an idea about why the UTI prob is so persistent? and i hope the l-t disability comes through for you soon. i think realizing i couldn't go on as i was and finally having to apply for disability was the hardest thing i've ever had to do. no, wait. trying to live with 2 teenagers and virtually no income for the 6 years prior to that might have sucked just a tad more. glad we made it thru all that semi-sane. heheh ^^

congrats on the 27th anniversary. that's a big deal. you obviously got a real keeper and i'm happy for you both. as for the birthday, i didn't know or i would've congratulated you sooner. m(_ _)m but, welcome to the 2nd half-century!!!! it's not so bad on this side. i'd actually wondered if the 59 was your birth year based on comments etc. so i'm not the only child of the 50's hanging around! i hope you had a wonderful b-day and holiday season and that this year will be a healthy and happy year for you. take care! <3
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