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cheeze. wizzzzzzz

Harumph~! There must be a Law here in the Midwest that EVERY takeout food item must contain some quantity of cheese.. Leigh went to pick up a cheeseless pizza (which ... really unless we get it in the Italian area of Windsor, Ontario (canada) they generally suck anyways).. I always repeat the "No Cheese" request 3 or 4 times...just because it is rather unusual - and I expect they are used to slopping on cheese on every pizza. Oh yay! The pizza is full of cheese.. and had different veggie toppings.. (but why didn't Leigh just open the box to Check it before he left? oh who gives a shit now..) Well to top it off, Leigh was watching a James Bond Video ~ oh ahha Hello friday night!

^0^ Oh how kewl~! I might actually meet an online pal~!!!! demonesque I hope we can meet up on Wed~! Of course my devil may care, woman of international mystery - image - could totally be shattered hahahah

Hyde entered Hydeist today and left some messages - this note reminded me of a message left by Kane san.. I just wondered if she saw Mars too - or missed it - and ^^;; I forgot about it completely wasurechatta!

す毛ジュール(笑) No.45005 投稿者: HYDE 2003-09-12 16:54:46
 見た見た火星!! 4日ぐらい前の月の下にあったやつ やっと見れた ちょっと感動
jhisbe who said :
"Today, Mars will be at its closest range to Earth and this only happens once in every 60 000 years but I am going to miss this extra rare phenomenon for Kagrra"

and smacks stupid self on head .. haha I just now realized what her lj name means... DOH! (I don't know her from Adam's odd ox.. but her lj is always interesting... oh~ *cough* just like mine ufuf)

Wow! I feel.. happy for this odd reason - I often go into the wonderful Korean Laruku fansite that is Kawailarc and ^-^ I found my scan there! This somehow makes me feel a bit better about swiping all their pics for so long Kawai larc's pic My pic
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