nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

it's listed in the Gacktionary under A for awesome - + random fandom babbling

According to aramatheydidnt Gackt's latest PV雪月花 - The end of Silence - includes Shun of Duel Jewel fame on guitar~!

I quite like this new song & PV ^-^

I took these pics at Katsucon in 2003 - aka Katsu Snow Con because of a blizzard that shut down the airport & everything else..

According to the buzz on Hydeist bbs & a live report from endless_aoi - Gackt did a cover of Larc's "Stay Away" -
He said that Hyde attended a concert just so he could make fun of his dancing.

How neat - L'arc's new single (Hey, aren't they on hiatus?)is the theme song for the Vancouver Olympics - & thanks to the heads up from minna_genki the artist formally known as Tetsu, wishes to be known as tetsuya for his participation in L'Arc~en~Ciel,
and as TETSUYA for his solo works.
hmmm.. I wonder if Tetsuya is a fan of John Cougar Mellancamp? XD
Merry Xmas from L'arc" -the site intro is just too cute!..

I've been planning to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow - I've not seen her in ages but the forecast calls for snow & I've been throwing up today *sigh* I've run out of chamomile & ginger tea ^^;;
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