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Stripper music spam...

hmmm- wonder if Vamps is pandering to their largely female fanbase? XD

After my first surgery in 2006, my surgeon told me that I would be off of work for about 5 weeks. 21 hospital stays later, I am still on disability. I had set a goal that remains surprisingly elusive - I wanted to be pain free for a 2 week period before I felt I was ready... I mailed my disability retirement application last week. Please cross your fingers that my application gets approved - several people in the know have reassured me that I should be more than qualified.

As I was filling out the application, I had to use the extra page allotted to list all of my hospital stays. The hospital really has been a home away from home - just consider these 2 stays:

Initial hospital stay after trip to ER in 2006:

July 24 - Sept 13

First hospital stay at Beaumont where all the corrective
surgeries began:

Jan 5 - March 20

Holy moly- that's a lot of time in the hospital~! Is there any money in being a professional patient? haha

just chillin with Sally - such a great doggie pal - she prefers to stay home with me~!
Tags: thanks to my undercover spam supplier
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