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Post Halloween blues

Warning: Don't let your pumpkins near alcohol!

My dear friend pimpinhyde is asking for Vamps USA tour setlists - can anyone point to the info?

ETA: a big thank you out to allegrofuriosoaalenchan for the set list info ^-^

I would like to send a gift basket to a lovely Japanese friend who I met when she was living in the USA. What items did you miss while away from home?

*yawn* it's been a sleepy few days for me - I will be making an appointment with a urologist to see why I have an ever present UTI infection. On the bright side, I'm just sleepy today & not nauseous which is a good thing. Since I've been on blood thinners, I get a nose bleed whenever I throw up ahhh fun times

Christmas is just around the corner - ! I love this old school Hydeist wallpaper

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