nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Hellween is here

Bollywood & Hellween

I've been waiting to find some Hellween pics on Hydeist - I found some of Anis/Monoral ^-^

Here are a few more Anis pics

I was hoping my days filled with nausea was behind me - but yesterday I felt really terrible all day. I was dizzy & nauseous & had an unrelenting pounding headache. I thought it was due to sinus because of the foggy weather - but I started throwing up yesterday *sigh*
I have a persistent Urinary tract infection that has been hanging around for months & month - I was given some more antibiotics to take but I'm not taking them because they just rip up my stomach & make me sick...... Hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow for the trick r treaters - It's not too bad ~ I'm going to be a guilt free couch potato today - chillin out with my Sally Ann

ETA: thanks to the lovely & vigilant snowdark for the heads up on this Hellween English live report
Tags: hellween, monoral
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