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Decisions, Decision & catching up on SPAM

A warm thank you out to karenkk & ballad for the heads up ~~ and hugs out to tomizu for the scans

I received the application for Disability Retirement from the Michigan Public School Retirement System. When my medical Odyssey started, my first surgeon said - "You will back to work in 5 1/2 weeks" HA! It's over 3 years out & I haven't returned. While it was always my hope to return, there are many unknowns ahead. I was trying to weigh the pros & cons and the disability route has won out. My main concern is health insurance. While meeting with the HR Dept at , I learned that they increased the lifetime Blue Cross Coverage to 3 million for ME & a child of another employee (who I understand is doing well ^-^) I also learned that I was 1 week short of having 30 years~~~!!

Because of the dysfunctional MI State Government - massive layoffs are planned at work. While it would be difficult just to return to the job I once had, I don't think I could handle a job that is incredibly stressful & a much greater workload when the layoffs begin.

Please say a prayer for me as I send off my application. I was relieved when my coworker said "people have received disability retirement that were a lot less sick than you"! Please include prayers for my co-workers. If I am successful in receiving disability, that means there is one less person who will be laid-off. Everyone tells me I shouldn't think that way, but I can't - that thought makes early retirement a lot less painful.

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