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One day after ~ and proud to be American

Big hugs to my favorite online Tetsu fans who play bass - Ger and

Also - Thanks Ger~ ! See.. I ranted about 9/11 overload yesterday. I'm glad that some of my online friends can (probably unknowingly) slap some sense into my silly brain. Ger's recent entry made me mindful. Yes dambit! We are darn lucky to live here in the USA. Few places there are were we can whine without consequence. My Japanese friends who are here *sniff sniff* for a short time, really seem to love it here. Well, the woman mostly!

My car battery is dead - so harumph.. my vacation starts one day early. Tomorrow - it's me & my friend Annika's annual excuse for a girls weekend away in Toronto at the Vegetarian Food fair

Last year we attended the Festival - and just 1 or 2 days after we returned, 9/11 event happened. It is hard to imagine that a whole year has passed already. & to think~ last year in Toronto -- I was hunting all over Chinatown for Laruku cd's, as I had NONE yet.
(color me pathetic.. I have all now, except ectomorphed works)
So now, during our drive to Toronto - I have a captive audience...wonders what Jrock Cd's to play for Annika first.. suggestions anyone? Please tell me your thoughts.

Leigh & I were talking yesterday about the wonderful thing this Internet is. I was telling him how yesterday, I talked with people who lived in:
Dominican Republic
New Zealand

Silly random thought - Is it just me? I swear that Luna sea's song "White out"( Lunacy cd) sounds like the theme song for the newest star trek show "Enterprise".. hmm
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