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a less chaotic day`

^-^ such a lovely day today! The weather was just .. perfect!

I was a bit reluctant to do some errands, as I'm still a bit shell shocked from my ozone brain freeze of yesterday.. ufuf

>.< Geez I so need to move to a city with public transportation.. but in Detroit (slaves to the auto industry -- and the big 3 purposely destroyed a once functional public transport system..but ahha I'll rant about that some other day) public trans. will Never be something I see happening.

It's just a bit nerve jarring to be driving on the I-94 highway with 5 million Orange construction barrels, cranes.. and O.o! shoot I think I am gonna fall off the highway (actually it like drops off..during this construction) and people are STILL driving 80 miles an hour.. )

YAY I FOUND NEW TYPE MAGAZINE! So unexpected.. next to the health food store..was "comic city" and they had it!. Reading the Duel Jewel interview-- I was reminded of Shun's absolute bliss when Harry bought him the guitar..

well I survived another horror of construction hell and went to return my Cd countdown video. A woman was in the store asking the owner about kanji dictionaries. How cool - Univ of Detroit/mercy (who she works for) has a team of teachers that go to companies and teach Japanese..instead of making them go to their Univ for class. I usually don't 'butt in' however, 98% of the customers there are Japanese - so I don't think he talks a lot in detail in English.

I started to ask her what she wanted - because he was handing her kanji dictionaries meant for Japanese. >.< I hope I didn't mislead her--because she talked about wanting Japanese for busy people..then I thought, maybe she just wanted a regular dictionary? haha tough job for her - to be a coordinator for teachers and be so unfamiliar (she didn't teach Japanese or anything..she was just trying to organize things).

Spent a fun time trying to force feed Sally-ann (my doggie) a pill.. If it was my husky, haha she would just grab it out of my hand. ^-^ yay the pills are almost over with (cuz evil tasha bit her...but still loves the Tasha)

Leigh wanted Indian food - so we went to the Peacock.. a cool place..but it was 'dead'.. I went to the fruit market today, it was 'dead' too.. what's up?

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