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tgif? .. oh screw that

such an odd day - I swear everything I did.. went wrong..

Oh I did get to the Post office this morning to mail stuffs finally to Katie & Naomi w/o harm to the planet >.<

then.. onward to the Volvo dealer (oh yeah hahah my day off woohoo this girl knows how to live)

I'm not sure why I started to do this-- or if makes a difference..but hahah I got in the habit of bringing bagels & donuts to the folks at the Volvo dealer whenever I go. .. err maybe cuz I'm like an hour away and am stuck there all day-- and maybe just cuz I like doing it..

Anyhoo I go to the Krispy Kreme place - no problem (I've never eaten a Krispy Kreme..they are so non vegan.. are they good?) then .. pick up some bagels at Einstein bagels (hey! I don't know if people are into donuts or bagels or whatever...haha)

shit.. the bad karma starts.. as I back out of the F*cking parking lot.. really it sucks.. NOT ENOUGH space and every one has a HUGE vehicle..>< I start to back out and collide into some mega van bumper.. but YAY it's just a rubber bumper thing.. no I continue my tour ..

At the dealer I bring my usual tote of books/magazines/ cd player as I am there most of the day.. the cd player I set on my lap for a moment then.. PLUNK>>> it falls about 2 feet to a carpeted floor - and then rendered useless.. >.<,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the Volvo details are boring ... oh ahha like the rest haven't been..but shit it has been a pricey day about $900 and another $700 in the offing.. well "OLD RED" HIT 100,000 on the way to the dealer.

Michigan roads gaa they so SUCK! can I say that enough really really they suck ass.. *remember..yours truly rarely swears..* they so are a piece of crap.. and It was over an hour of crap construction on the way home. and oh!? instead of waiting like a normal person,... I decide to get a new cd player, since it died on the dealer room floor.

Good news.. The Dear hearts at Adray appliance replaced my cd player for free and I TOLD THEM I DROPPED IT ON THE FLOOR! ..sorry for yelling, but yeah.. maybe they were struck by my honesty.

Bad news... Almost home - and the new cd player quit working...bACK to Adrays..

Good news ... got another player... crosses fingers it works

REALLY bad news... STUPID helayne.. got a traffic ticket.. cuz she was in ozone land from the one hour in construction zone.. and missed the stop sign

GOOD news... Mr Policeman let me "off" w/no points.. while I ran a stop sign "stop sign?? what sign? haha" and made it a lesser offense
BAD news.. shit I got a new registration..cuz I ordred that personalized plate..and ... I didn't sign it - >.< No fee - but I have to pay the bill in person now, and show I signed it..

oh what a day..

best things?

^_^ talked to Richan/ DH/ Bfish/ WZ...

all said and done.^_^ I chatted with good friends *and waves to Sophie!* ... and I have no room to really complain..just another object lesson.......... I should pay more attention!ufuf
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