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^-^ Gladly, it was a much nicer day then the bleakness of yesterday. I was really dead tired though (seeing as my dearheart Leigh snored like a chainsaw).. but apart from that - I felt a lot more productive.

I actually have stuff to do at work~ woohoo.. LOL ^^;; & one fellow told me again how happy he is I am working in the dept. - I don't technically work for him, but I'm often doing things for him- He & my boss (who is a Ukranian Orthodox rite priest ...btw - and drives a Porsche..! haha but he's a great guy I am learning) are just too silly to watch, almost like an old married couple - which I call the "Wayne + David show"

Went to see my Dad & give him his birthday presents. Please everyone say a nice prayer or good wish for my Dad,... his eyes are really bothering him - too difficult to paint. I hope it improves, the last few days have been hard - He is unable to drive...and unable to read books .. I gave him 2 audio books 1. Return of the Native (a personal favorite of mine ^.~) & 2. The Iliad. #3 Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness is on b/o.. He protested about me giving him gifts, but he seemed really pleased with them. He was wanting some 'classical' type talking books.

Leigh is involved in yet another Church committee.. God Love him! Here goes on that righteous path, as I think I'm just falling constantly in decrepit -tude oh ahah I can't blame my strange dreams on the rarebit fiend (eating right before bed time) since my stomach was uncooperative yesterday and I ate not a thing.
Perhaps sorting thru girly Laruku pics with Elfqueen? but ... maybe I had Hidoko's HyxTetsu sex dream.. O.o As with my other bizarro dreams, stomach pain was a factor - .. (so perhaps I have them a lot..just sleeping thru?) and perhaps it is my concern that whenever my supervisors are looking at my computer when I am working - darn it if some ICQ or AOL popup doesn't happen-- but I think they could care less. In my dream I am typing at work.. and then all of a sudden I am looking for some excel file, then Pops up some HyXTetsu Porn clip I had never seen. Let me clarify - I've never seen any Laruku porn clip.. don't want to mislead anyone --- I am rushing to close or minimize the window, but I can't.. Let's just say Tetsu was using his 'secret weapon', and now I might understand the Tetsu69 thing a bit better..... OY!

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