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Ayaka ² = awesome

I was a fan of Ayaka Hirahara's Jupiter & have the CD squirreled away somewhere - I came upon this lovely version while reading this sad bit of news regarding Ayaka Iida - cancels concert due to health

I am enjoying myself being Picc line free - I've been doing a bit of occupational therapy As you may know, my husband and my brother operate an elevator company - The receptionist was leaving for a new job during the first week of August - I came in on her last day & volunteered to step in, answer phones, etc.

The new job was not what she was expecting and the Gods were smiling at me ^.~ , I was totally clueless on how to do anything and she returned to the office the following week. She is very competent and pleasant, I still come into work everyday to learn how to do things and cover the phones when she leaves work in the afternoon. I hope she doesn't mind me being her shadow, but it is good therapy for me to get back into the groove of returning to work. My ultimate goal is to return to my job. Since I'm doing this as a volunteer, it is a bit less stressful in my nervous little brain.

I went to a birthday party today at the park for my 2 year old niece, Kylie. She is ridiculously adorable - big blue eyes and curly blonde hair.
The bees were out in full force, but go me - I must smell bad because they never went near me and seemed to swarm about everyone else. Unfortunately, my Sister-in-Law (who hates bees) was stung while she was chatting to me. perhaps they were attracted to her perfume, hairspray and soda - but I'm sticking to my theory of smelling bad being a bonus haha

Leigh & I keep having parallel lines of thinking. On Friday night, I couldn't sleep and stayed up watching the Food Network & some medical show. I was thinking to myself
1. wouldn't it be yummy to go out for pancakes tomorrow morning?
2. I should really send out some Thank you notes to some of my nurses and
physicians who have been so kind to me.

It's been months since Leigh & I have gone out for pancakes.

Saturday morning, Leigh brings me a cup of coffee and says, "Are you feeling well enough to go out for pancakes?" O_o !

Later that day, he suggested that we stop by Heritage Hospital, since I was finally free of a Picc line & well enough to visit with the nurses and say thanks. O.o? I had said nothing to me him about Thank you's OR pancakes... how is this?

I am way too many medications - all that have the possibility of scary side effects. The state of Michigan passed a law regarding Medical Marijuana My nutritionist happened to mention that some patients said marijuana helped them with the pain of dumping syndrome. I also happen to take Marinol, which is the pharmaceutical imitation of marijuana - it helps me with nausea and is an appetite stimulant. When I inquired about getting a prescription for marijuana, she was very interested and supportive - I've found a clinic that specializes in this & she gave me medical records that show I'm a candidate. I'm very hopeful - it is supposed to help people decrease or eliminate the use of narcotics for pain. Narcotics cause constipation and it starts a never ending cycle of pain -

Check out the squirrelizer

Peace & Hugs to all of you
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