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^_^ Friday... long weekend YAY!!!!!
Have projects to do at work - double yay!!!! How funny, my one boss keeps apologizing for the 'tedius' nature of the job that I am currently doing.. OMG that is just too funny - because in Accounts Payable, the nature of our job was pretty tedius, it is not stranger to me -and to some degree we can sort of 'get in a zone' and it's really OK.

Another boss told me yesterday the previous secretary hated to do anything with technology - so he is almost afraid to ask me to do anything 'technical'. Well, crimini jimini - we DO work in the TECHNOLOGY department. How did my previous coworkers survive there? >.<..

Leigh is off to fix an elevator - I don't know what is up with this one client - he is always going to fix it >.
I recently aquired some new msn buddies thru a bbs thread- and of course one of the first questions anyone asks - besides where do you live? are you a boy/girl... is your age. I always feel like I should be upfront and be honest - because people are always used to meeting people who are peers.. I guess I would feel creepy to think someone thought they were chatting w/someone who is 16, or 17 -- It seems to surprise the hell out of everyone for some reason - but other then that -... I wonder if I am too much of an open book? I never keep things really hidden -- people know my name, age.. etc. LOL I guess it is moot - since it seems too late now.
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