nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Please Please be Nice to Us

ahh while I feel a bit sad that my 3 year Hyde-a-versary finds me in the hospital yet again... vicarious viewing of all things Vamps takes must less energy & is a lot easier on the body lol~! Thanks & Hugs to the fan with the amazing ability to always be in the front row ^.~ miya_fangirl for her report - thanks to violetcloud who I enjoyed being next to during the San Fran 06 live, & my kindred spirit tmsj who is incredibly resourceful and full of fun!

Thanks to snowdark for the heads up on this clip

I think my favorite Hyde MC will be this Perfect Moment

Lucky for Hyde fans - his angel tattoo isn't hideous He advised fans against getting a tattoo with his name on it because.. what would happen if he turns out to be a convicted felon? Then there you would be, stuck with a felon's tat on your body


Talk about fan devotion - check out this insanely large & prominent tattoo MJ tattoo

yoinked from cuteoverload -
this is for you - thepanda

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