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just embrace your inner dork...

 ha-to fresh yo baby, that's us

Perhaps people thought yours truly couldn't reach any more levels of dork-dom.. however - I truly embraced my dorkness for all it was worth.

I had to renew my license plate tabs on my car (and ^-^ how convenient, it still is my Dad's birthday - 9/1 that is on record since he cosigned for my first car when I was 18!~ gahh~ lol but it sure is more convenient then my after xmas birthdate.. anyhoo)

I always said- oh I should get one of those personalized plate thingies.. just to be stupid.. ufufuf

Duel Jewel would be cool - but too long
Larc en ciel too long
Le Ciel - yeah that would work..but, hahaha I hate those bastards at Maverick lol
Dork I think it's been used *laugh*

so I settled on this My license plate

>.< The line at the secretary of state office was awful - and haha I would have just said screw this and gotten the regular old plate via the internet renewal ...but >.< I realized I waited to long, and had to do it in person anyway.

I got this off of ebay today - Ken&Hyde w/Puffy (Lucifer&Puffy) I got a few minutes of it on winmx and it was too silly to pass up - and I admit, I find Puffy adorable. Perhaps it is because once I went into the Japanese rental store once, and a girl - no older then 3 - was saying pa pa pa pufffffffyyyy... and hahaha with that prompt, I handed her a Puffy tape...

I hope my friends got my packages? .. err ahh gomen Katie, still have to send yours gaa darn power outages, keep throwing me off schedule.
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