nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

My new hero - the lost lolli

Thanks to Eleonora for the heads up on this -
I've been a casual fan of Olivia's - introduced to her by diluendo I hope she continues to fight for dolphins even if it means being bashed by Japanese fans.. apparently her posts about Dolphin slaughter & apology to angry fans were both deleted.. . (われわれ日本人.. head desk)

Save the dolphins
Oh no! Don't Eat Flipper~!

I posted that I rec'd a Vamps Zipper Pull from - diluendo I should have realized it was a USB because I had seen it online & wanted it. When I opened the file - it contained the file: hahaha my heart skipped a beat then I realized it was the Club Citta Men only live Leigh wants to know if the Vamps Girls have a site! ^.~ If anyone wants the file, please let me know
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