nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

back in the dark...

^^;; a rip roaring thunder storm last night and ahh another day without electricity. A big virtual Hug to Leigh who had the presence of mind at 3am to wake up and shut off all the appliances (because we had low power - which is killer to all types of appliances/computers...)

Power back on today at 5:30 - the poor doggies..had to stay home, and huffed & puffed thru the heat. Oh Leigh was in a real frazzle (whenever he yells at the dogs, I can tell) - but he calmed down after we ate.. and cooled down a bit.. ^^;; Leigh works too hard.. geez I should be so motivated!

Oh dear, I thought yet again, I would have something scathingly brilliant to say.. >.< I did order some birthday presents for my Dad - some talking books
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