nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Home again, home again

I came home from the hospital yesterday evening - a visiting nurse came at 9 pm O_o ! she was from the hospital visiting service (which is an hour away) & the local contracted nurse was not able to come yesterday. It seems like it would have been easier on everybody if they had just released me this morning, which would not require a nurse & the hospital home infusion company to make a trip late in the evening... but perhaps they were sick of seeing me at the hospital ^.~

I am being treated with nafcillin & gentamicin
I made an executive decision to not use the TPN yesterday since I had been without for an entire week in the hospital & was eating enough calories
the timing is also a bit of a nightmare -
TPN 11 hours it's on a pump contained in a backpack
nafcillin 24/7 pump also in a backpack
gentamicin every 12 hours on a gravity drip IV pole

these antibiotics have turning me into a pooping maching stopped my problems with constipation which was aggravated by scar tissue/bowel obstruction & caused the pain & made me unable to eat/caused hence I was put on TPN. I also have absorption problems since parts of my stomach/intestines were removed. So I've been able to eat much more than before. Once the antibiotic treatment stops, my system may resort to it's old behavior and require TPN again. TPN is full of protein & little critters love to feed on it - hence my problem with PICC line infections... I guess everything has it's up side & down.

It was great to see my doggies~!! Sally Ann chilled out with me all day & I loved it.

I don't see being able to go to any lives with an IV drip pole & a TPN backpack - so my Hyde/Vamp groupies will have to let me live vicariously through their live reports! I must admit that I loved the Faith Tour lineup of songs much more than the Vamps lineup - so I'm glad that I got to see him in 2006 . **hydes from flying tomatoes**

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