nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

It only hurts when I breathe -


Since last Thursday, I started spiking a temp late in the day, it would hover just below 102 - On Monday, I woke up with a soar neck/shoulder -

I went to get a gastric emptying scan on Tuesday- & I was still spiking a temp and it hurt to breath deeply. I survived Tuesday's scans which required me to eat a meal of Nuclear waste eggs & toast - which was awful cuz I hate eggs. The eggs had some type of tasteless radioactive stuff in it to show up in the scans and I could barely choke it down - it was some omelet made with eggbeaters..uggh People seriously eat this shit? Oh did I mention I HATE EGGS. After the scan, I went to the ER because I thought I had pluracy.

crazy busy in the er - 12 hours in the hallway ... I get admitted on Tues 23rd
There are nodules in my lungs - & pesky bloodclot in my right arm - They tried to put a scope down my throat yesterday, but because of my anatomy, they were not successful Today they did it with anesthesia & good news, there is no infection in my heart.

My pic come out because of the infection -
I am unable to get TPN without it so pray for me as I rely only one hospital food It's not so bad if you can have the opportunity to request what you want - but when you get random meals without being able to fill out the menu form, it is crazy - I joked with my Mom that the dietitians are on crack. Today for dinner I got a small salad, dressing, bread pudding, a bigger salad - the hot portion was risotto with side of corn.

since my veins have been totally fried - I am now sporting the 2nd IV in my foot..........shit, that hurt like mad

Yesterday was spent watching CNN - the last vinyl album I ever bought was "Thriller" I hope Michael is finding some happiness that he couldn't seem to find in life - he was a freakin genius, for sure. My heart hurts for his family -

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