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Yes you too can create Jrocker fashion gone bad with the Knit-o-matic

still tired - but happy

Postal deliveries yay! I received Ectomorphed & Faults cd today.. Oh I am quite liking both of them -.. I wondered what Leigh would think..he just kind of snorted (during Ectomorphed , he didn't hear faults yet) "oh this is kind of repetitive... didn't I hear this song before? ) *laugh* ... well yes he did - but anyhoo - -

I think my new scanner will work ! woot! I got it hooked up and it scanned one pic fine --

ahh yawn I hope I have more energy tomorrow *laughs* I was next to a coworker today who was very 'hyper' - I am not sure what it is worse. I may get anxious -but I'm never 'hyper' --- well it's moot I suppose.

Oh and belated good wishes and gratitude to MLKing - his "I had a dream" speech had it's 40th anniversary --- trivia fact, the first time he delivered it, it was in Detroit! I always wondered - if I had been around during the civil rights struggle (or before.. in even harder times) would I have spoken out? I guess we can never know such things, can we?
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