nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

tsukareta ne

I'm not sure who invented the heating pad, but I am in their debt. I had such a difficult night last night - and ^__^ thank goodness for heating pads.. to my rescue at 3 am.

I woke up early to go with my neighbor to Windsor - we left at 7am and picked up Hercules, a most loverly & adorable Great Dane. What a big big lovey boy! No wonder everyone likes Danes, they are such a sweet breed (sadly, they don't live a long time).

I went to best buy and bought myself a scanner - since the Umax that came with my Dell stopped working once I installed Windows XP. I hope the new HP scanner works, but I was way too tired to even get it out of the box...*laugh*

>.< Hmv emailed me to say the SSD photobook shipping fee went up from the estimated 1800 to 3000 yen.. *laugh* I think the shipping is more then the book itself, but I ordered it anyway..

*yawn* Hugs to everyone who needs them... looking forward to more sleep zzzzzzzzzz
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