nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

You know you've been to the hospital too many times when you know all the staff

- Sunday started with major pain that would not let up all day.. this was unusual I started throwing up at night.. I was just going to wait it out but Leigh wanted me to go to the ER on Monday

ahh the usual suspects - partial bowel obstruction it's a bit of sit and wait - and hoping surgery is not necessary (surgery seems highly unlikely)

They inserted an NG tube in the ER - it's extremely unpleasant - they take a long tube & shove it up your nose & it pass your throat into your stomach. The first time wasn't successful & it gave me a bloody nose, so they had to redo it. The next day I had an xray & It showed that the tube was incorrectly placed so they had to do it a 3rd time.
THEN , Leigh came to visit & as I was getting ready to go for a walk down the hall with him, the tube really started to hurt, so the nurse was going to get me some lubricant to make it feel better- then I started to sneeze. I told the nurse, ahh it doesn't hurt so much now and she said "that's because it is no longer in your nose. so all the sneezing dislodged it.

I was very anxious and nervous about it being placed for the 4th time - they were waiting for a resident to come do it. Midnight, 1, 2 am rolls round & they haven't showed up. Later the next morning, the nurse says someone came to insert another NG tube & said I refused it.
I have absolutely no recollection of this whatsoever Perhaps I was out of it, or asleep? I hadn't slept for a few days... who knows - but thankfully they decided it wasn't necessary

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