nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Happy Memorial Day


I received my first IV iron infusion on Friday & I think it's making a difference. On Saturday morning, I was watching Leigh mow the lawn & I started in on that depressive thinking cycle - Leigh does all the work...& I contribute nothing ...then unlike usual, I actually was able to get up and start to tidy up, I baked a batch of cookies, made some roasted sesame seeds for snacking- I know that doesn't sound like a big heap of productivity, but I've been rather sluglike for so long. I think my anemia was making me really depressed. I felt so good that instead of just nurturing that nagging feeling I was able to do some work.

We went to Ikea to look for some DVD/CD storage units. We could find things that were almost like what we needed, but not quite. Anyone know of a good source for dvd/cd storage units?

The best part of Saturday was when Leigh suggested that we go & take Sally for a walk - at first, I didn't have enough strength to hang on to her...but after a while, Leigh handed over the leash & after a series of gentle but firm tugs on the leash she started to walk next to me. She was so excited about going for a walk it was awesome.
Leigh then took King for a walk while I stayed at home. Kaz is a very strange husky - he didn't really have any interest in going for a walk. I think he would be more interested if one of the other dogs was going for a walk too.. so Kaz just hung out at home with me.


I've been watching Jon&Kate + 8 series opener and my heart is aching.
Their kids are seriously adorable & I hope they manage to work things out -

the lovely itsumademo mentioned that "tickets to the Seattle and Portland VAMPS shows are selling slowly and not well at all" - I hope ticket sales pick up


- Hyde's faith tour was a sellout in minutes, and it makes me sad to think their return visit will be underwhelming


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